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Little Dreamers - From Exhausted & Surviving to Rested & Thriving


Supporting you and your little one through any sleep and settling challenges so you can get time and energy back to keep doing the things you love.


Hi, I'm Amy!

An internationally certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and Founder of Little Dreamers.

I’m here to help you and your baby not just overcome sleep challenges, but set them up for sleep time success long term. My signature approach? I want parents to know they are not alone on this journey – Little Dreamers offers hands on help, support that suits your individual needs, with proven methods that result in sustainable, long-term success. After all, sleep challenges are totally normal— sometimes we all just need a helping hand and someone to guide us when we need it most.

I created Little Dreamers to empower parents in a safe space where every question and sleep concern is welcome. I truly believe there are no bad sleep habits and we all deserve to be well-rested, confident and thrive even in the most exhausting times.

I'm a mum to three children myself and know first-hand how supercharging a relationship with sleep can truly benefit the whole family.


Little Dreamers is here to help your family take sleep in your stride.

If you’re ready to embrace the joys of calmer day sleeps and settled bedtimes, we’re here to support you and your little one every step of the way.

With our tailored, holistic approach — in your home or virtually — we’ll deep dive into your baby’s sleep issues, equip you with confidence in how you settle them and come out the other side, together.

Our methods are practical, science-backed and proven to set baby’s sleep time up for long-term success, so you can feel confident and free to get the most out of family time — and life.

Support packages

We absolutely get it. No two babies, lifestyles and sleep situations are the same: so we’ve created support packages and resources to suit. Tried and true, they’ve helped thousands of New Zealand and international families transform sleep so the whole family can thrive.



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Tailored sleep support for your family that creates sustainable, long lasting change to your little ones sleep and settling.


Have an experienced sleep consultant by your side during bedtime settling and overnight wake ups to achieve your unique family goals. 

Supportive GUIDES

Check out our downloadable guides to help you with all stages of your little one's development, sleep, nutrition and more.

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BLAKE (5 months)
"Amy has been brilliant, she gave us the confidence to implement a spaced soothing technique and support our little man to drop the feed to sleep association-hurrah! I hoped Blake would learn to self settle, what I didn’t expect was the increase in quantity of sleep and the positive impact that has had on his awake time! Amy is so positive and really cares for all her clients! Getting Amy’s assistance might be out best parenting decision so far!"

- Emma

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