Supporting families and their little dreamers


Hi, I'm Amy

An Internationally Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

Sleep is the most talked about topic amongst parents and one that every parent I know has found challenging in some shape or form. At Little Dreamers we offer supportive in-home and virtual sleep packages to meet your family's needs. As well as being a Certified Sleep Consultant I am a mother to three young children and a passionate advocate for quality sleep and it's importance for the whole family!

Support packages

Little Dreamers will help you, as parents, to feel empowered with knowledge and equipped with tools to navigate any sleep and settling issues as they come your way. We offer group support, in-home, phone and email packages for clients throughout New Zealand and internationally.


Our newest support package, takes you from exhausted and surviving to rested and thriving - in just 4 weeks with instant access.

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Supportive resources

Check out our downloadable guides to help you with all stages of your little one's development, covering sleep, nutrition and plenty more.