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Meet Amy

Hi, I’m Amy! An internationally certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and Founder of Little Dreamers.

I'm here for you!

I’m an expert in ironing out your baby’s sleep issues, and here to guide and support you with years of experience at every stage of the sleep journey. 

Catnapping, sleep regressions, settling, night wakes, contact naps, feed to sleep or early day starts — you name it, I’ve helped thousands of families with it.

I’m a fully trained and certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, and a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. Practical, result-driven methods, with support and education is at the heart of my approach — I’m all about looking at the big “why” and tailoring it to your family’s unique situation every step of the way.


In my world, there’s no question too silly or situation too complicated; just sustainable results that set little ones up to flourish and thrive — with sleep, and in life. 

I want parents to know they’re not alone on this journey. In fact, that’s the whole reason behind starting Little Dreamers. I’m a mum to three children myself and know first-hand just how stressful and exhausting sleep challenges can be — not to mention how great it feels when you get your life, energy and emotional wellbeing back once sleep issues are put to bed. 

I’m devoted to helping families with all things sleep because I know how it can set infants up for life. Fuller feeds, better moods, greater resilience and immunity — it all starts with sleep.

Let’s go on this journey together.

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