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What's the go with white noise?

If you are a new parent it's likely the first time you've heard of 'white noise'. Yet as soon as you announce your pregnancy it's probably one the first sleep aids that eager parents will direct you too. So, what's the big deal with white noise?

White noise is a fantastic sleep tool for babies and young children. It replicates the loud whooshing sounds your little love heard while they were tucked up snug as a bug inside the womb for 9 months.

What is it exactly?

The term "white noise" describes a combination of all frequencies of noise that humans can hear at all energy levels. White noise helps by drowning out background sounds and reducing the impact of a sudden, loud noise startling baby when they are falling asleep or sleeping. Blocking out external noises can help your little one (and you!) to fall asleep more easily and quickly and have a deep, more restorative sleep.

How does white noise help sleep?

White noise helps to drown out any loud, sudden noises that might startle your baby awake, such as;

  • Dogs barking

  • Neighbour starting their lawnmower

  • Courier banging on the door

  • Noisy siblings

  • The rubbish truck we all love that prowls the streets at nap time!

It creates a consistent environment which is present at the start of a nap, during sleep and after a full sleep cycle. This increases the chances of your little one linking their sleep cycles together and taking longer more restorative naps. Hearing this loud, constant noise triggers the calming response in our little people, especially if they are overtired, overstimulated or crying.

White noise can help;

  • Calm your baby when they are upset, overtired or overstimulated

  • Your baby to fall asleep

  • Help your little one link sleep cycles

  • Drown out external sounds to help toddlers fall asleep for their day nap/s

  • Calm colicky babies during the witching hour/s

How long should I use white noise?

How long you continue to use white noise is up to you – if it aint broke don’t fix it! You can use white noise for as long as it is effective for your baby and your family. Once they are self-settling and in a good sleep routine, if you wish to get rid of the white noise you can turn it down over a few weeks until they no longer need it.

Will it damage my baby's hearing?

Always choose a white noise machine or sound that has a safety approval. It's important to use any white noise device safely and to protect your little love's hearing. My advice is to keep all white noise devices outside of sleep spaces e.g. not in the cot with baby, and have it at least 1 metre away from where they are sleeping.

White noise can be louder if your little one is upset, or during settling at nap/bedtime and then reduce the volume once they are asleep. Ideally the white noise is louder than their cries which will help aid in trigger their calming reflex. The noises your baby heard 24/7 when inside the womb were the same consistent volume as that to a vacuum cleaner.

Check out the incredible range of white noise machines at Sleepytot and Flourish Maternity.

Note: If you have any concerns about your little one's hearing or the use of white noise reach out to a medical practitioner.

If you need some sleep support and you are ready to make a change I'm here for you! Book a discovery call and let's chat about your little one's sleep and how I can help your family get the rest you all need to thrive.

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