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Little Thrivers

The goal is simple: to take you from exhausted and surviving to rested and thriving - in just 4 weeks!

Is little thrivers for me?

  • Parents who feel anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted around their baby's sleep

  • Families with little ones who cannot independently settle or link sleep cycles

  • Babies who are waking numerous times overnight or having early starts

  • Families who are ready to make a positive change for their little ones sleep and settling and see results NOW!

This programme is for children aged 4 months to 2 years. 





  • 4 weeks access to a private Facebook group where you will get instant access to an incredible community 

  • Jump on and educate, equip and empower yourself with the guidance of an internationally qualified and experience sleep consultant

  • Join other families as a community, where you will flourish together



  • Weekly zoom call where you'll receive expert advice from Amy and her team and have the opportunity to ask questions and troubleshoot as a collective with other parents

  • Ask questions within the Facebook group and have the support to make positive changes 

  • Join other supportive families in a community as you all work together to achieve your goals and celebrate the wins!



  • Tailored action steps to kick start your little one's sleep transformation

  • Access to short video's on hot topics to support you to reach your sleep goals

  • Downloadable guides included on all the essentials (including nap transitions, feed/sleep routines, nutrition, sleep environment, sleep basics, responsive settling methods, and more!) 

"A holistic approach to sleep that will see an INCREDIBLE change for your whole family"



How long until I see change in my baby's sleep and settling?

It is really common to see positive change within the first 3-5 days so long as you are being consistent with the settling method. It can take 3-4 weeks to create a new norm and long lasting change to your little one's sleep. Consistency and patience is key!

What if I can't make the weekly zoom calls, can I still post my questions?

Absolutely! The weekly zoom calls are saved and attached within the Facebook group so you can go back and watch them at a time that suits you. You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions prior to the call and at any other time within the discussion section of the group. You can also go back and watch previous zoom calls to fuel yourself with knowledge.

I would prefer to use a gentle settling method, is this possible? 

Yes! There a numerous settling methods explained in depth in this programme. All the settling methods support you to stop, listen and then respond to your baby, so that you are meeting their emotional and physical needs whilst being responsive. This includes both in room methods and in/out of room methods. 

Does the programme include resources I can print and keep? 

You bet it does! There are a number of downloadable PDF documents to print off and keep forever! These will help you to have numerous resources to go back to through periods of change with your baby or when your little one's sleep and developmental needs mature and you need some guidance to help navigate these changes.

What happens if I need additional support once the 4 weeks is finished?

Once you finish your 4 weeks access to Lets Flourish - you can book in an additional week of access to Let's Flourish at anytime before your little one turns two. This is perfect for extra support during nap transitions, upcoming travel or sleep progressions to keep things on track with sleep. A link to book an additional week will be sent to you when your 4 weeks access ends.


Billy - 9 Months

“Our family went from surviving to thriving within 7 days. Billy could self settle to sleep like a champ at night it was resettling that became an issue. We were having inconsistent night wakes. After my first call with Amy I knew the ‘Little Thrivers’ package was for our family. In 7 short days we have gone from 2-3 wakes a night & only resettling with a feed too no wakes and resettling like a boss. Amy’s support, education and resources within the Little Thrivers program is incredible, along with such a supportive bunch of parents going through it all at the same time. Who might I add are your biggest cheerleaders when you get those #WINS. I feel like I am now educated & can navigate my day when things don’t go to plan. If you’re struggling & sitting on the fence about doing something about you babies sleep I encourage you to jump off the fence and join Little Thrivers….you won’t regret it!”

- Sarah (mum)

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